“I love it! Before I had my stroke I had taken lots of yoga. The worst part about my stroke was not being able to participate in yoga, or get down on the floor for it. My stroke had effected my personality as well as everything in my life. This program has given me the chance of a lifetime! I am a lot happier! To hear the yogi’s voice really calms me. Being able to stretch my body makes me feel great!”
– Debra Kellner

“The fact that if I am not able to do one limb someone is there ready to help me with it! It is unbelievable!”
– Dawn Hiller

“My favorite part is laying down at the end of the session on the mats. We shut off the lights, and talk. It is really great and relaxing.”
-Tammy Jo Johnson

“It is excellent! To be able to move is awesome!”
– Sharon Kirtley

“It is nice having spotters. I really like the program!”
– Roger Swanson