Our Partners

Key organizations in the Duluth area have partnered together to offer a new kind of wellness program to focus on what people with disabilities can do.

Residential Services Inc., Duluth YMCA, Courage Kenny Northland, Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center, and College of Saint Scholastica and Yoga North work together to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for people living with disabilities in our region.

Residential Services, Inc.
Residential Services of Northeast Minnesota, Inc. (RSI) is the “Lead Organization” and fiscal agent for the partnership program. RSI is a private nonprofit organization supporting people with physical and cognitive disabilities and mental illness in reaching their fullest potential in whatever residential setting they choose to live.

In addition to managing finances for the program, RSI provides space for the Thursday evening adaptive yoga class.


YMCA DuluthDuluth YMCA
As part of its mission to support wellness in body, mind and spirit, the Duluth area YMCA provides space for the Tuesday morning adaptive yoga class, hires instructors to teach the adaptive yoga classes, and promotes the program in the community.


Courage KennyCourage Kenny Rehabilitation Northland
Courage Kenny Northland is responsible for volunteer recruitment and training, participant registration and program promotion.


Essentia PolinskyPolinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center
Polinsky Medical Rehab Center is a key agent in promoting and supporting the program, getting the word out to potential participants, and they provide space for the Wednesday evening ambulatory adaptive yoga class.


scholastica logoCollege of St. Scholastica
At the college of St. Scholastica, faculty and students from the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments have teamed up to provide the adaptive yoga program with volunteers throughout the year.

Physical Therapy professors have also helped develop a survey to measure the efficacy of the wellness program.


Yoga NorthYoga North
Yoga North supports the program by training teachers, volunteers and assistants, as well as hiring assistants and teachers for the program.   Yoga North also promotes the True North adaptive yoga classes and opportunities for volunteers.


Partners in funding:

Miller Dwan Foundation


Miller Dwan Foundation
Funding for True North Adaptive Yoga Program comes from money granted by the Miller Dwan Foundation’s Van Gordon New Initiatives Outreach fund.

yaf logo


Young Athletes Foundation
Many required props and equipment for the program have been purchased with generous funding and grants from the Young Athletes Foundation.