Is adaptive yoga something anybody can attend? 

Yes!  People of any ability, with any amount of previous experience with yoga are welcome to come.  These classes are suitable for someone who is an absolute beginner to yoga, as well as those who have past experience with yoga.

Volunteers assist at each class so participants can receive individualized support.

The “Adaptive Yoga” classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are open to participants of all abilities – from those who use power and manual wheel chairs for mobility and need assistant transferring to others who walk, stand and transfer independently.

To attend the Wednesday evening “Ambulatory Adaptive Yoga” class, a person should be able to stand independently with minimal support.


Can I try a class for free?

Yes.  Please contact Mark Hanna at Courage Kenny Northland to get signed up in advance.  There are scholarship opportunities available for financial assistance through Courage Kenny Northland.

(218) 726-4834 or Mark.hanna@allina.com


What should I wear? 

There is no special clothing required for adaptive yoga, though it is usually more comfortable to wear soft, stretchy clothing for moving around.  It is always a good idea to dress in layers as well – having a warmer layer for the beginning and end of class, and a cooler layer in case you get warm while doing movement.


Do I need to bring anything? 

All props and equipment needed for the classes is provided onsite.  Please bring any assistive devices or equipment you need for mobility or medical needs for the duration of the class.  Examples are: walker, cane, wheel chair, AFOs, CFOs, etc.


I can’t get out of my wheelchair myself.  Do I need to have someone come with me to help me transfer?

Volunteers and adaptive yoga instructors are training in lifts and transfers for getting participants out of their chairs.  In classes where there is supported standing, equipment and/or volunteers are present to assist with standing and/or kneeling.  In classes where we get onto mats on the floor, volunteers and instructors assist with lifts and transfers to get in and out of chairs and on/off the floor.

Volunteers and instructors are not trained in assisting with other activities of daily living, and participants should either be able to toilet themselves independently or should come with an assistant who is able to support them in that way.

Some participants are accompanied by family members, friends or support staff.  Anyone accompanying a participant is to class invited to actively participate in the class, or to assist the person they accompanied to class.


Do you provide transportation?

True North Adaptive Yoga program does not provide transportation to and from the classes.  However, as an organization we are mindful of holding classes at various locations around town.  All locations are directly on the bus line or within 2 blocks of a Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) bus station.